While I was working for the City of Bellingham, on several occasions, I was tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that HVAC contractors did repair and replacement work to certain facilities within contract guidelines. I didn’t choose the contractors, but I did provide advice as to whether the work was completed properly and that the City’s money was well spent. This gave some insight that was valuable when I needed to replace the furnace in my home. What I had noticed was that Marr’s Heating was reliable, responsible and the most economical HVAC contractor I worked with. We were about 15 years into service on that house and the furnace was giving me some trouble occasionally. It was a “spec” built home so builders tend to buy heating equipment as cheaply as possible. I called Ken Marr to come look at it. After inspecting the unit and resolving the latest issue Ken advised me that I could probably get a few more years out of it. Mr. Honesty! I asked him to give me a bid on a replacement with a new high efficiency unit as I didn’t even want it to hiccup again with winter coming on. . I have been very satisfied with the equipment, the installation and the follow up service. We have since moved to Renton and when we decided to replace the el cheapo furnace in the house we bought here, I called Ken Marr for advice. I know that we are too far from Bellingham to have Marr’s do a replacement, but I got great advice from him on how to choose a new unit for my Renton home.

- Chuck B.

I really have the upmost respect and admiration for Ken Marr and his son, Jacob. They have always come and solved the problems they said they would solve, even when it ended up costing them lots of extra time and effort that they never bargained on. I have used their services since moving to Bellingham nearly 5 years go. I will continue to call them first with any problems I amy have with my water heater, furnace, and plumbing problems. I trust them which is something that is difficult to say about too many plumbers these days. Keep up the nice work Ken and jacob.

- D Haskins

We recently purchased a home and the seller left us with a heating unit that didnt work. They got a tech (Jacob) out to our house immediately and he did a very thorough job and got our heating up and running! Very easy to work with and very professional. I would recommend them to anyone!

- Nicole B.

We chose Marr's Heating and AC to install a complete Central Air Conditioning System in our home. Ken Marr custom designed a system that is both efficient and quiet. This job included ductwork and attic installation of unit. The Marr's Team completed the job within 3 weeks and were great working in our home. We have just started to enjoy a "climate controlled home" that is so comfortable on warm summer days. And yes, Ken was right on with the size of the ducts and placement of vents so that air flows without noise---love the quiet. Thank you Marr's you did an excellent job!

- Andrea T.

Marrs Heating has relentlessly and respectfully solved a difficult problem with our heating system (originally put in by another company) in our beautiful home. The technicians are highly trained and capable, but more, they truly care about taking care of the system and our family. Ken, Vlad, Jake, Spencer, everyone! ... Thank you for your fine work and dedicated resolve. Now that I've sold my home and moved to my beach rental, I'm delighted to discover I'll be working with you again as the owner installs a new duct system. I know I'm in good hands. Looking forward to Vlad's Russian caramels he shares with me. I'll bake some cookies and put on the kettle.

- Mak K.