Marr's Heating and Air Conditioning was started in 1965 by Doug and Joan Marr. Doug who was previously an airplane mechanic in the navy was looking to determine his next career move. Doug had read in a library book in the early 60’s that HVAC and the Automotive industries were rated most likely to be essential industries for the next 100 years….Doug did not want to work on cars, so he dove head first into a sheet metal apprenticeship.

After learning the skilled trade of sheet metal during his time as an apprentice, Doug decided to head out on his own and founded Marr's Heating and Air Conditioning (Formerly Marr’s Sheet Metal). Doug successfully owned and operated the company with his wife Joan for nearly 30 years until the decision was made to retire and sell the business to their son Ken in 1992.

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A freshly remodeled building and a new sign from the mid 60’s
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A young Ken Marr playing in the back of his father Doug’s work truck in 1968

Upon procuring the business form his parents, Ken continued in their footsteps by providing quality and trustworthy service to Whatcom County homeowners. Ken had been working with his father Doug since he was 5 years old, and he had amassed an incredible amount of knowledge and skill that allowed for Marr's Heating and Air Conditioning to maintain and elevate its reputation for quality and trust in the community. Ken made significant improvements to the operations of the business as well as the introduction of new technologies to the company that still continue to assist in company growth.

In 2015, Ken’s son Jacob made the decision to work part time for the company after leaving school. Jacob had worked for the company after school and during summer break since the age of 10, doing everything from cleaning trucks, to installing gas piping and duct systems. The part time job soon turned into a full time and committed career for Jacob, who is the current owner and General Manager of the company. The future for Marr's Heating and Air Conditioning is bright as we look to grow our customer base in the Whatcom community by living out our mission, vision, and core values.

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Young Jacob Marr in the Marr’s showroom
Ken and Jacob

Ken and Jacob Marr in front of the Marr’s Heating office building

Our vision and what it means

“Our vision is to be the premier retail HVAC service, design, and installation company in Washington. We will be recognized in our community and our state for our ability to provide our customers with the highest quality and most dependable result, while also providing the highest sense of priority and convenience.

Our team will hold each other accountable to produce exceptional results for the company with limited supervision, provided that their actions fall under the guidelines in which they have been trained. We will provide our customers with the highest value, and our employees with growing opportunities to succeed both professionally and personally. Doing business with us should be the easiest, safest, and most rewarding route for our customers, without exception.”

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Our mission and what it means

“Our mission is to provide an exceptional customer experience by developing exceptional employees.”

This means that we choose to hire people not exclusively based on experience, but rather on the prospect of their future ability to provide positive contributions to our customers, fellow employees, and the company in the long term.

We choose to train individuals how to do things the “Marr's Heating and Air Conditioning” way and entrust them with their role in the mission to provide an exceptional customer experience.

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Company Core Value


We strive to innovate daily, with everything that we do. We do not accept the way things are and we choose to push the way we operate and interact with others to reflect our mission and vision for the company. The ideas and innovations of our employees are what will allow our company, customers, and entire team to thrive. There is no innovation too small, as we believe that it takes many small innovations to build a great company.


We expect and welcome accountability for our performance, and we do not externalize our problems. We take ownership of our mistakes, actions, and performance, and we hold others accountable around us with respect and compassion for them as human beings. We accept mistakes only if they are used as lessons, in which case we embrace them.


We are honest and transparent with ourselves, our customers, and our employees at all times. We value relationships highly and understand that transparency as a long-term strategy yields the most trust, and that trust in turn yields the best relationships.


We expect to set the standard for professionalism in our industry. From the quality of our uniforms and vehicles to how we interact with our customers, we aim for perfection – and when we inevitably fall short, we make an adjustment to do better the next time.

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