Gas furnaces come in a variety of sizes, brands, efficiency ratings, and comfort profiles. Different Furnace types will be used based on customer preference, budget, and the home itself. At Marr's Heating and Air Conditioning we sell Carrier and American Standard gas furnaces. These 2 brands have seen an exceptional score of reliability from sources like consumer reports.

Our service technicians also play a huge role in determining what we sell to our customers. We are happy to say that on top of exceptional build quality, warranty and factory support, these brands also get an A+ rating from our installers and technicians!

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High efficiency gas furnaces have been around for many years now, and the technology keeps getting better and better! We now have units up to 97% efficiency, that means that 97% of the gas going in is being used to heat the house, and only 3% is lost as waste through the flue pipe. These units are a fantastic investment in your home. Though they cost more to install, they pay for themselves over time and are sure to provide you with the comfort level that you desire.

Standard efficiency gas furnaces have been around for a long time and they have proven to be workhorses. These furnaces are 80% efficient, that means that 80% of the gas going into the unit is being used to heat the home, and 20% is lost as waste through the flue pipe. These systems cost less to install, but the value is certainly not as high as a high efficiency furnace. These systems are great for a project on a budget or where the installation of a high efficiency furnace doesn’t make sense, such as a seldom used vacation home.

We like to relate stages on equipment to driving your car. A single stage unit has one speed, that means that you are either moving at full speed, or not at all. Because of this we tend to have temperature swing of up to 6 degrees with single stage units. Though the efficiency doesn’t change with the comfort profile, your comfort level likely will and you will notice the system turn on and off more often then a 2 stage and modulating counterpart.

2 stage systems are exactly what they seem, they have 2 stages of operation. This would be like having a car that has 2 speeds. Just like having 2 speeds would make the experience of driving better, it also makes the overall comfort of the home better. You will notice less on and off cycles, smaller temperature swings, and quieter operation with a 2-stage unit. This is like having 2 different furnace sizes in one piece of equipment.

Modulating systems are the ultimate in comfort. These systems only put out the amount of heat that you need which would be like having an automatic car and any speed that you wanted to choose. This system means hardly any temperature swings, Long run times at lower speeds, and extremely quiet operation. This is like having 100 different furnace sizes in one piece of equipment!

Timeless and always a highlight of any living room space. The cozy and relaxing warmth of a gas stove is a great addition to any home. Available in a range of sizes for both free standing and fireplace style inserts.

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