Gas Stove

Gas Stove 2

While Gas Stoves in Bellingham, Ferndale, Lynden, WA aren’t the most efficient option for heating a home, the addition of a quiet “blower” fan helps to spread the radiant heat around a relatively large space. Gas Stoves are also a great option for anybody who loves the comfort of radiant heat, but is tired of cutting, stacking, and hauling wood for a traditional wood stove.

Electrical control provides an easy “set it and forget it” option, where the stove turns off when the room reaches a target temperature.

Comes with a remote control/thermostat, so you can turn the stove on or off and even adjust the flame size from across the room.

We provide financing with approved credit for anybody interested in a gas stove. Call today for more information or to get started.

Our installers have been putting stoves into homes all over Whatcom county for over twenty years each! They have the experience and expertise to perform clean, efficient installations in any situation.

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