If you think about your HVAC system, Your central HVAC unit is like the heart of the system, pumping air through all the arteries and distributing it through the entire body of the home. Our ductwork is our arteries in this metaphoric scenario, and like our arteries, we want to make sure of the following:

  • We have clear and unrestricted passage (low blood pressure)
  • We are self-contained without compromise (no leaks)
  • We distribute the right amount at the right time (proper flow to each portion of the body)


Your duct system may be the most overlooked part of your system. Poor ductwork is the difference between quiet, even temperature control in the home throughout all rooms, and the opposite of this which is a comfort and efficiency nightmare! In Whatcom county, we tend to build houses a certain way, and because of that we also tend to design HVAC systems a certain way. For most of you this means a gas furnace in a garage or closet, and your duct system in the crawl space or attic. There is no problem with building houses this way, but that also means that all of our ductwork is in an unconditioned space. That means if the insulation levels on your ductwork are too low, or you have air leakage, you are simply throwing away money into your crawlspace or attic. What’s the point in putting a high efficiency piece of equipment onto a duct system that leaks 25% of your heat?


Comfort regarding your HVAC system is many different things beyond just the temperature in the house. comfort to us means the following:

  • Even temperatures throughout the home in both heating and cooling
  • Quiet system with minimal air movement noise
  • Indoor air quality control with optimal filtration and serviceability
  • Low utility bills

All these things mean comfort for our customers. How do you achieve this? When designing or re-engineering a duct system, we take things like your building and room heat loss into consideration. Marr’s Heating & Air Conditioning designed duct systems are designed for comfort by sizing the duct system correctly, sizing the filtration system properly, sealing the ductwork correctly, installing adjustable air control dampers for all rooms, and designing for minimal noise and low Static pressure.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is often misunderstood by contractors in our field. In some cases, one product or filtration system does not solve or totally address the air quality in your home. Some of the products being sold on the market do a fantastic job of improving your indoor air quality, and honestly may be the level of fix that you are looking for depending on the home. Where these solutions will not work, is on a torn, tattered, dirty, and leaky duct system. These systems can only do so much, and if we are compounding the amount of particulate in the home by drawing in air from the crawlspace or attic, then we are simply fitting a battle that can’t be won. Therefore, a clean and properly sealed duct system is essential to the quality of your air. Most crawlspaces and attics have things like, fiberglass dust, rodent fecal matter, VOC’s, Dust and more. It is essential that we protect ourselves from breathing in this unwanted particulate.

Comfort Guaranteed

When you work with Marr’s Heating and Air Conditioning for equipment replacement, we will always address the duct system and provide recommendations. Even if the ductwork just needs a cleaning and sealing. If your system does need modifications, we offer a “room comfort guarantee” on any room that we make a duct modification to. That means that you will have an investment worth coming home to!

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