There’s nothing better than coming home to cool house on a hot summer day, and nothing worse than turning on your Air Conditioner and finding that it’s not working properly.

Air Conditioning failures are inconvenient, and because cooling systems are relatively complex machines, the parts needed to repair them can be expensive. However, the good news is that it’s easy to avoid serious repairs and unexpected failures by properly maintaining your AC system properly and at regular intervals.

What is involved in an Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Some call it a “tune-up” other call it an “inspection”, but to us it all falls under the umbrella of a maintenance. During your maintenance appointment with Marr’s we will be doing the following items on our checklists to ensure your system is running at its best.

  • Verify proper airflow on the system
  • Change or clean filter
  • Verify thermostat operation
  • Clean indoor and outdoor units as necessary
  • Verify proper refrigerant charge
  • Verify proper temperature split
  • Verify all proper clearances are met at the outdoor unit
  • Verify outdoor unit is secure and level
  • Measure and verify all electrical components on the system
  • Inspect all electrical connections and metallic joinery for corrosion
  • Provide our customers with a comprehensive multi-point inspection report

Maintenance Agreement Program

Air Conditioner Preventative Maintenance Agreements are the best way to ensure your systems reliability, safety, and efficiency. Our preventative maintenance programs also offer the following benefits.

  • 15% discount on parts and labor charges
  • Filter change
  • Full multi-point visual inspection for your records (We also keep organized records)
  • No overtime or after-hours charges
  • Priority same day service
  • Discounted $89.00 diagnostic analysis (normally $109.00)
  • Fully transferrable (to your next home, new homeowners, or family members)
  • We contact you when it is time for your maintenance so that you don’t have to remember

Why is Maintenance Important for A/C Systems?

Just like a car needs an oil change from time to time, air conditioning systems need to be tuned-up to keep them running properly. If you neglect to change the oil in your car, the effects may not be immediate–you may go a few thousand miles past when the service is due before you start having issues–but eventually neglecting simple maintenance will result in complete failure or irreparable engine damage. A comparable example with air conditioning is the run capacitor for the compressor: the component is relatively cheap, simple to check and almost as easy to replace, but failing to replace a bad capacitor can lead to compressor failure–a repair several orders of magnitude more serious and costly.

Our AC service is a comprehensive treatment that is designed to prevent future repairs, identify and correct issues, verify the performance and efficiency of the Air Conditioner, and help you get the most out of your system.  Our technicians are talented, professional, and experienced; not only will they get your system running at its best, but they will give you a full multi-point visual inspection report including recommendations to keep your system in tip-top shape.

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