Tired of the Hot Summers?

In Whatcom county we have been doing a record number of Air conditioning Installations year over year. Rest assured you are not the only one who thinks it is necessary to have Air Conditioning in your home.

What is Involved in Air Conditioning Installation?

A proper Air Conditioner Installation is tricky. You don’t want to trust just anybody to do the task correctly. The process of Installing an Air Conditioning should ALWAYS start with a building heat load calculation, as well as the measuring and testing of the static pressure in your duct system, also referred to as “the blood pressure of your ductwork.” The idea behind these base principles of design is to install a system that is perfectly suited to your home, your needs, and your environment around you. We encourage all of you to ask your contractor the following questions at the time of your estimate.

  1. What size A/C system do I need and how did you come up with that number?
    Correct answer: “I did a heat load calculation on your home following ACCA Guidelines”
  2. Will my current duct system be able to handle the A/C system I need, and how do you know?
    Correct answer: “I used your existing fan and static pressure probes to test and verify that your static pressure will accommodate the addition of Air Conditioning without harming the equipment or its performance”
  3. Do you use a commissioning checklist to verify that the system is operating as it should?
    Correct answer: “Yes, we have a multi-point start-up checklist that ensures your equipment is working as designed”
  4. Does your company offer any guarantees on your work in writing?
    Correct answer: “Yes, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well as a lifetime workmanship guarantee, and I will sign a document and give it to you before I leave from our meeting today”
  5. Do you have quality control measures in place?
    Correct answer: “Yes, every job sold goes through our highly trained installation manager for approval before work can begin, and pictures, measurements, and start-up checklists all are review by the same manager before we send you the final bill”
  6. Do you include a free System check after 1 year of run time?
    Correct answer: “Yes, we provide any customer that purchases a system through us, a full maintenance and verification on the system approximately 1 year from the installation date. This includes a full multi-point inspection report for your records”

Why Choose Us?

Air conditioning installations are not as simple as they seem, they require an array of specialty tools, and manufacturer required practices to ensure that you get you most out of your system, and that it doesn’t stop functioning prematurely. At Marr’s Heating & Air Conditioning, we have developed a one of a kind Installation standards manual to ensure that every install we do is done the right way, the first time. This includes proper refrigeration, brazing, charging, and evacuating procedures, that will ultimately lead to system longevity. Rest assured, all of this is part of our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Do you offer Financing?

We offer special financing for 72 months with approved credit. We understand that a purchase like this can have a large impact on your yearly budget, and we will do everything we can to minimize your initial investment, while providing you with the service you deserve. Our sales team is very knowledgeable in consumer financing and can walk you through every step during your free estimate.

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