Program Expectations

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Routine maintenance of your HVAC equipment is the best way to ensure the safety & reliability of your system, in addition to maintaining equipment warranties. Simply put, you can expect peace of mind knowing your equipment is being serviced and taken care of year after year.

Marr's Heating and Air Conditioning technicians will clean, calibrate and tune the components of your system to the highest industry standards. By addressing problems and providing solutions before they get too costly, we can help ensure the longest possible life of your equipment.

Why We Do, What We Do

“The average furnace in the North West experiences 2200-3500 hours of run time. Overtime, electrical components can corrode from rust, filtration systems get plugged up with dust, and general wear and tear occurs.

Our program aims to help you carry out the maintenance you need in an organized approach that we manage and schedule for you. Every maintenance comes with a full report – health status and pictures so we can track your equipment and keep you up to date.”

Customer Testimonial

“My family has used Marr's Heating and Air Conditioning since 2004. They have always been courteous, professional, listen well to concerns or questions, timely, communicate extremely well and have always left a spotless work area. Their staff is knowledgeable and they have worked to establish a trusting relationship with me. They installed a new central heating and air system last spring to upgrade the aging heating unit I had. The work was done on time and as promised, they didn’t miss a detail of all the small upgrades or options I selected. I highly recommend this business!”

– April C. Current MAP Member

“During a maintenance, Matt (a Marr's Heating and Air Conditioning Technician) found the motor in my furnace was struggling to run consistently. He found the needed part in a day. Not only did he fix the problem in quick time, he is always very polite and when it came time to pay, he showed me that I got 15% off the repair. It was like $160, it was more than the maintenance itself! The maintenance literally paid for itself. Will continue to have Marr's Heating and Air Conditioning out every year. Thanks Matt!”

– Marr's Heating and Air Conditioning Customer

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Program Benefits

Save Money with a 15% Discount on Parts & Labor for Equipment Serviced
  • Need a new igniter? 15% off.
  • Need a full ductless heat pump clean? 15% off.

Enjoy No Overtime or After-Hours Charges. Ever! We Are Here for You, When you Need Us.
  • Furnace gives out at 6pm? Fear not! We pay our people overtime, but you don’t.

30% Discounted Diagnostic Trip
  • Standard diagnostic is $129 reduced to $99. Live 20 minutes away? Still starts at $99. On a Saturday? Still starts at $99.


We designed the MAP to better organize what people already want; easy scheduling, detailed documentation, clear communication, and dependable service.

My goal is to prevent emergency problems by relentlessly managing equipment and parts annually. We invest extensive time and effort into documenting every service call so we know exactly what your system is like year round.

Additionally, our technicians are often on a first name basis with our longtime customers and I think that’s amazing. We wear our reputation as the premier, Bellingham HVAC company proudly.

Brandon Strong, Service Manager

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Equipment Type
Annual Price
Monthly Price
Furnace Gas + Electric $149 $14.00
Heat Pumps/Air Conditioners $209 $19.00
Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump Z = Zone/indoor heads
1Z: $149 •2Z: $199 •3Z: $249
4Z: $299 •5Z: $349 •6Z: $399
7Z: $449 •8Z: $499
Z = Zone/indoor heads
1Z: $14 •2Z: $17 •3Z: $21
4Z: $25 •5Z: $31 •6Z: $35
7Z: $39 •8Z: $43
Shop Heaters
(Reznor, Modine, Empire)
$149 $14.00
Gas Fireplaces $149 $14.00