mitsubishiDuctless Heat Pumps have become increasingly popular in the pacific northwest. Marr's Heating and Air Conditioning has installed and serviced many of these systems. Marr's Heating and Air Conditioning is proud to offer Mitsubishi and Daikin products to our customers. These brands have proven to provide our customers with exceptional reliability and quality, while providing us with exceptional factory support.

    Ductless heating and cooling systems serve a unique purpose and provide the following benefits to homeowners:
    • No ductwork needed, therefore less labor to install
    • Provides both heating and cooling
    • One outdoor unit can feed up to 8 indoor zones
    • No ductwork means less dust
    • Quiet operation
    • Most efficient heating and cooling system available
    • Simple and easy operation
    • Zoning capabilities for “room by room comfort”
    • Variable capacity operation (always the right amount of heating or cooling)
    • Sizeable rebates available in certain applications
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