Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Equipment Cost, Operating Cost, Efficiency, and Financing

  • Efficiency

    • Up to 21 SEER: the highest in the industry! Air conditioning units are a practical, affordable solution to cooling your home that have been in use for decades, but the technology has come a long way in recent years! If you have an old Air Conditioning unit and aren’t sure if it should be replaced or not, consider the savings provided with a higher efficiency system. Your existing Air Conditioner should have the SEER rating printed on the side of the outdoor unit, but as a general rule, the following chart may be helpful in getting an idea of how efficient your equipment is:So even an Air Conditioning system installed in the last 10-15 years likely costs 30% more to run than equipment available today. Depending on how much use your AC unit gets, this cost savings can pay for itself in just a few years. At the very least, it can soften the blow of having to replace old equipment, knowing that the replacement system will perform better at a lower monthly cost.Marr’s Heating and Air Conditioning carries Carrier products, this manufacturer represents top-of-the-line reliability, features, and efficiency. The “external links” tab below can help you find information about all the options available from this manufacturers. If you have questions about Air Conditioning efficiency or want to get an estimate for replacement or addition of an air conditioner, call today or fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll get in touch with you soon!For more information on efficiency ratings such as SEER, AFUE, and HSPF, we have a clear, plain-english explanation of what it all means here
  • Safety

    • Air Conditioning is extremely safe and has multiple built in features that prevent dangerous conditions and help the equipment maintain a long service life.Because Air Conditioning uses high-pressure refrigerant, one of the main safety devices prevents the system from getting anywhere near unsafe levels of pressure. If the pressure inside the refrigerant circuit begins to rise above normal levels, the compressor shuts off and the indoor and outdoor fans run to equalize pressure as quickly as possible.Fuses on both the indoor and outdoor equipment protect against electrical shorts or spikes in voltage.Many indoor AC coils (in technical terms, the evaporator coil) require drainage into a pump that assures the run-off normally producing by air conditioning is carried outside. These pumps are equipped with a failure-detecting switch that shuts off the air conditioner if the water is unable to be pumped outside due to a failed pump or blocked line. This features protects against water damage from unmanaged run-off.All AC equipment sold by Marr’s Heating and Air Conditioning features basic error detection and reporting, in case of equipment problems the main control board is able to both detect the problem and shut off the system to prevent further damage. The specific error can then be determined based off an LED signal from the circuit board, or even detailed logs with time date, and other valuable information when the system has communicating equipment. Typical examples of problems that AC systems can both detect and respond to are plugged air filters, failed components, extreme highs and lows of temperature and pressure, and improper refrigerant charge.

      All our brands of air-conditioners now use environmentally friendly R-410A that DOES NOT pollute the atmosphere if leaked. Although AC leaks are rare (especially in well-maintained equipment), this non-polluting gas is an important part of our industries continued effort to be cleaner, more sustainable, and increasingly energy efficient.

  • Features

    • Air conditioning units are an easy add-on to your existing forced-air system. Can work with a furnace as part of a whole-home air cleaning solution.“Communicating” models feature thermostats that give you more advanced control of the system, such as fan speed, ranges of cooling (and heating) output, zoning, remote control with a smart phone app, detailed system diagnostics and error reporting, and more.Variable-Speed is a feature that allows the equipment to adjust the amount of air delivered in heating, cooling, and for air circulation through the home. This feature allows for maximum efficiency and comfort, as well as keeping the sound produced by the equipment to a minimum. Many systems using variable speed fans are so quiet that it is hard to tell if they are running or not by sound, even if you’re in the same room as the equipment! Variable-speed motors also use an inverted DC current instead of traditional AC current, meaning they are both more electrically efficient (produce the same amount of airflow with less power consumption) and potentially more reliable over the long-term.
  • Cost and Financing

    • Air-Conditioning is an affordable cooling option, especially when adding a cooling cycle to an existing forced-air system.  Financing is available with approved credit, give us a call today and we can get you started.
  • Installation

    • Installation can easily be completed in one day in almost all cases. Typical systems include an “air handler” inside the house placed inline with the existing ductwork, and an outdoor unit built on a concrete pad beside your house. If you already have air conditioning, and are simply looking for a replacement unit, then good news! You will save money on a replacement because installation is simpler, and we always pass these savings on to our clients!
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