Heating System Maintenance

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Heating System Maintenance


Whether you have a furnace, gas fireplace, heat pump or other form of heating system, its time to plan ahead for the change in season and make sure your equipment is in good shape.  At Marr’s Heating and Air Conditioning, we set the golden standard by performing the most thorough, comprehensive maintenance service in the industry.


Before we do anything else, our technicians verify that the equipment in your home is operating safely and that vital components such as the electrical and venting systems are configured to manufacturer’s requirements.  On gas-burning systems we perform a combustion analysis, as well as confirm that Carbon Monoxide exhaust is at safe levels and is properly venting outside.


Just like changing the oil in a car, your heating system needs regular tune-ups and adjustments to keep it running.  Simple corrections such as fixing a poor electrical connection, adjusting a valve, or clearing condensation traps only take a minute or two, but can prevent expensive repairs and even extend the service life of your equipment.  Our expert technicians go through an exhaustive checklist that covers every component in your heating system, assuring no detail is overlooked.

Efficiency and Comfort-

Although furnaces, heat pumps, and fireplaces aren’t exactly “hot” items in the same way as sports cars or smartphones, you can and should still expect more from them than simply “working”.  If you want to improve the quality of air in your home, or change the programmed schedule on your thermostat, for example, our technicians can make adjustments and even give advice to help you make your home more comfortable.  As part of our diagnostics, we test a number of factors to determine the efficiency of your heating equipment and make adjustments to optimize its performance.

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