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Daikin Ductless Heat Pumps


Ductless Heat Pumps are one of the most popular options for high-efficiency, low-cost heating and air conditioning available.

We’re constantly getting questions about ductless heat pumps–how they work, where they can be installed, how they compare to traditional systems–and we love to talk about it!  We’ve received so much interest about ductless heating and cooling that we decided to publish a lot of the most commonly asked question here, along with answers and contact information if you’d like to schedule an estimate.  We’d love to meet with you in person and talk about bringing the comfort and savings of a ductless heat pump to your home!

At Marr’s Heating and Air Conditioning, we put a lot of thought and attention into every part, accessory, and piece of equipment we sell.  We know the systems we install in homes and offices across Whatcom County will be a reflection of our company and our commitment to quality for years to come.

So when it comes to ductless technology, we’re proud to carry Daikin ductless heat pumps.  Daikin offers a wide range of solutions to meet the layout and heating/cooling needs of your home or office.  Daikin systems are both high-performance and high-efficiency, providing as much or more heating than a forced air furnace at a fraction of the cost.

Read more about why Marr’s Heating and Air Conditioning recommends Daikin ductless systems:

  • Versatility

    • Daikin’s ductless technology is versatile, making it perfect for retrofitting into existing homes. Daikin systems can use branched indoor units to deliver heating and cooling to multiple smaller rooms or wall-mounted and recessed units can used for larger areas. Each zone is controlled independently with its own convenient remote control and they can all have different target temperatures. This allows everyone in the home to set the temperature just the way they like it, and unused zones can be turned completely off to save energy. This is a popular feature for so-called “empty-nesters” that have a few unused bedrooms that generally don’t need heating or air conditioning, but occasionally do when family or friends come to visit.
  • Quality and Reliability

    • Daikin Ductless Heat Pumps are some of the most advanced, well-engineered systems in the industry.

      For such complex technology, they are also surprisingly easy to maintain and work on. It is rare that we see problems with Ductless systems–especially Daikin heat pumps–but if there is an issue, Daikin equipment has built in diagnostics that make identifying issues simple and quick. In addition to this, many repairs that can take hours on forced-air heat pumps can literally be done in minutes on Daikin ductless units (for example, replacing an electronic expansion valve). Daikin also backs their heat pumps (as well as their less common AC-only equipment) with the best warranty in the industry. All Daikin ductless equipment comes with a 12-year parts warranty and a 6- or 12-year complete equipment replacement warranty (equipment replacement warranty length varies based on model number and other systems details). When you purchase a Daikin Ductless system from Marr’s Heating and Air Conditioning, you don’t even have to worry about registering the equipment or managing the warranty. We do the paperwork for you and send you a confirmation, and in the unlikely event that your system has a problem, we take care of returning the bad part and managing the claim so we can save you the headache! Marr’s Heating and Air Conditioning also offers an exclusive, extended labor warranty on almost every Ductless system we install. First year’s maintenance is included for free with every install, and we extend the initial 1-year labor warranty up to five years for no additional charge or fee besides annual maintenance–which we also provide at a reduced price! For more information about Daikin’s industry-leading equipment and Marr’s 50-years-in-the-making expertise,give us a call today at 360-734-4455, or fill out the form to the right.

  • Efficiency

    • With energy efficiency ratings of up to 12.5 HSPF and 24.5 SEER, they lead the industry in low-cost, high performance equipment. For more information about efficiency and how it translates into real-world savings, click on the next tab to the right.

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