“Preventative maintenance” is a term that you hear a lot in our industry – and it’s one of our company’s main focuses for 2021! Think of it this way: Just like preventative medicine focuses on keeping an individual healthy and avoiding sickness, preventative maintenance keeps your HVAC system working its absolute best to avoid breakdowns (and keep you healthy!).

But how does preventative maintenance benefit you? Let’s dive in!

Reducing Costs

One of the biggest reasons why preventative maintenance is important? It saves you money!

These savings show up in a few different ways: firstly, on your energy bill! When your system is dirty, out-of-date or inefficient, it has to work extra hard to keep your family or employees comfortable at that perfect 68 degrees. Preventative maintenance ensures that your system is literally working as smoothly and efficiently as possible – no wasted energy here!

But that’s not all. When you receive yearly maintenance on your system, we’re able to easily identify any potential problems and address the root cause early – BEFORE it results in a no-heat situation or a flooded water heater! The cost of maintaining your system is far less than an emergency replacement… and avoiding that level of stress is priceless!

Under Warranty

It’s a great comfort to know that your system is under warranty – but here’s the bad news: most warranties are contingent on proof of ongoing maintenance.

If your maintenance method is “let it run and hope for the best”, your system may not qualify… which may end up biting you in the end if a major repair is needed! But when you have proof of preventative maintenance, your claim is much more likely to go smoothly – and cover your repair. Double the peace of mind!

Safety First

We’ll put it simply: preventative maintenance will help us detect any potential carbon monoxide leaks that could put your family or workplace at risk… before a small problem turns into a life-changing one.

And if you have an allergy- or asthma-sufferer in your family, you know how taxing dust and pollen can be! When your air filters are dirty, they do double-damage: they not only fail to remove particles from your air, but they can actually release trapped allergens back into your home to irritate.

This is extra important if you share your home with a furry friend: their fur or dander can cause worsened symptoms for your family members with respiratory issues, and your air filter will need to be changed more often!

It’s not just in the filters, though. Your HVAC system likely uses coils, which heat or cool your air. When those coils get build-up or debris, your system has to work extra hard to keep you comfortable – starting that cycle we mentioned above of extra power (and a bigger energy bill) to maintain results!

Preventative Maintenance Just Got Easier

If preventative maintenance sounds like the next step in your homeownership journey, we’ve got you covered. Under our Preventative Maintenance Agreement, you receive a plethora of awesome benefits that make taking care of your equipment a no-brainer:

A 15% discount on parts and labor
A discounted diagnostic charge
A filter replacement or electronic air cleaning (free of charge!)
Priority status any time you call with an emergency
And, best of all…, no more forgetting to schedule that visit! We’ll call you annually to schedule your appointment at your convenience.

And it’s a hit with our clients, too. Check out this feedback from Lori S.:

“I would recommend Marrs, we have been working with them for 10 years, they come do our annual Preventative Maintenance and do an exceptional job. We have had no issues with our Carrier [HVAC system] and love their customer service!! Very professional.”

At Marr’s, we make it easier than ever to care for your equipment – and ultimately, care for your home and family. Extra peace of mind, with more savings than ever. It’s a win! To set up a Preventative Maintenance Agreement, you can call us – or visit our website to learn more and chat with us. We can’t wait to work with you!

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