Gas Fireplaces and Freestanding Stoves are great products for increasing the comfort of your home, heating a space without ductwork like a cabin or workshop, or as a backup source of heat in case you lose power.  Unlike furnaces or boilers that are installed in crawlspaces, closets, and garages, fireplaces and stoves are designed to be both functional and beautiful.  Marr’s Gas Fireplace Maintenance is a service focused on restoring and maintaining both the function and appearance of your fireplace or free-standing stove.

Marr’s Gas Fireplace Maintenance includes:

  • Cleaning, testing, and adjusting the pilot assembly, including thermopile/thermocouple operation
  • Waxing the glass front and checking for cracks or damage to the gasket
  • Cleaning burner and orifice(s) and checking burner assembly for safety
  • Adjusting air intake to reduce soot production, improve combustion, and burn cleaner (proper combustion means cleaner exhaust fumes)
  • Cleaning the firebox, log set, brick/stone panels and gas valve
  • Testing remote control operation if available
  • Inspection for gas leaks at or around unit

Marr’s Technicians service hundreds of fireplaces and stoves a year!  We have the experience, training, and knowledge to answer any questions you have about your hearth product, and the final part of our service is reporting back to you on the condition of your equipment and offering tips for getting the most out of it.  Our technicians can also advise you on topics like adding remote controls or timers to your fireplace or stove, how to keep kids and pets safe from potentially hot surfaces, and comparing the efficiency and fuel usage of gas hearth products to forced-air or other forms of heating.

How often should maintenance be done?

Gas fireplaces and stoves should be serviced every year they are in use, especially if the hearth product is your primary source of heat.  Maintaining your hearth product annually will reduce the likelihood of repairs, extend the service life of the equipment, help prevent fires and unsafe situations with gas, and improve the efficiency and heat output of the fireplace or stove.

Call today to schedule a maintenance on your gas fireplace or freestanding stove, we look forward to working for you!

External Links:

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