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Preventative Maintenance ChecklistsPreventative Maintenance Checklists

Our preventative maintenance visits are always thorough and professional. You can ensure that your visit was up to our standards by following the Preventative Maintenance Checklists below for your equipment type.

Heat Pump/AC

  1. Verify thermostat operation
  2. Verify indoor and outdoor unit are functional
  3. Replace the air filter or clean if reusable
  4. Verify indoor coil cleanliness
  5. Verify overall condition of indoor coil
  6. Inspect condenser motor bearings
  7. Verify condenser motor amp draw.
  8. Inspect contactor for pitting
  9. Verify all capacitor readings
  10. Verify voltage to outdoor unit
  11. Verify refrigerant levels
  12. Verify compressor amp draw.
  13. Verify crankcase heater operation if applicable
  14. Verify defrost controls if applicable
  15. Verify reversing valve operation if applicable
  16. Verify coil temperature
  17. Verify outdoor coil cleanliness
  18. Inspect condensate drain, trap and pan
  19. Verify required clearances are met
  20. Verify outdoor unit is secure
  21. Inspect outdoor unit panels, fasteners, and snow feet
  22. Clean, vacuum and wax all necessary items

Electric Heat

  1. Verify thermostat operation
  2. Verify that the heat works
  3. Replace the air filter or clean if reusable
  4. Inspect bearings on blower motor
  5. Inspect blower belt, wear, tension
  6. Verify voltage to unit
  7. Verify amp draw on blower motor
  8. Verify amperage draw on each element
  9. Verify total amperage draw on elements
  10. Inspect heat sequencer
  11. Inspect electrical wiring and connections
  12. Verify temperature rise
  13. Verify supply temperature
  14. Inspect heat anticipator
  15. Clean, vacuum and wax all necessary items

Gas Furnace

  1. Verify thermostat operation
  2. Verify furnace/heat come on
  3. Inspect flame sensor and clean
  4. Inspect drain and pressure tubes for leaks, clogs, or build up
  5. Inspect condensate trap for build up
  6. Replace the air filter or clean if reusable
  7. Inspect blower motor bearings
  8. Verify blower belt wear, tension
  9. Inspect flue for rust or corrosion
  10. Verify flue has chimney liner (If applicable)
  11. Verify flue has proper orientation and clearances
  12. Verify ignitor ohms
  13. Inspect burners for corrosion and efficiency
  14. Inspect heat exchanger for cracks, soot & rust.
  15. Verify exhaust co reading
  16. Verify blower motor amp draw
  17. Verify inducer motor amp draw
  18. Verify manifold pressure
  19. Verify temperature rise
  20. Verify static pressure
  21. Check fan controls
  22. Inspect all safety controls for proper operation
  23. Inspect condensate drain line if applicable
  24. Clean, vacuum, and wax unit


  1. Inspect glass for cracks or other damage
  2. Inspect the pilot and watch for proper orientation
  3. Verify proper millivolt readings to pilot
  4. Cycle burner from remote or wall switch
  5. Inspect remote batteries for corrosion
  6. Inspect receiver batteries for corrosion
  7. Inspect firebox condition, note any rust, cracks etc.
  8. Remove burner and log assembly and check for any cracks, rust or other damage
  9. Clean pilot assembly
  10. Clean burner, firebox and log set
  11. Clean glass and trim pieces
  12. Clean gas valve
  13. Clean under and behind unit

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