Details of Marr’s Air Conditioning Service

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Details of Marr’s Air Conditioning Service

Our AC service includes the following:

  • Verifying thermostat operation
  • Troubleshooting any existing problems or potential problems
  • Verifying proper airflow through system
  • Collecting and documenting important information about the AC system including age, condition, model and serial numbers, and whether or not the equipment is under warranty
  • Review and investigation of manufacturer specific fault codes (on applicable equipment)
  • Primary and Secondary Voltage Check
  • Verifying condition of blower run capacitor
  • Amp check on blower motor
  • Inspection of blower motor for oil seal leaks
  • Inspection of contactor(s) for ‘pits’ or other problems
  • Inspection of electrical components and connections
  • Removal and cleaning of indoor blower fan (as necessary)
  • Verifying condition of outdoor unit run capacitor
  • Inspection of indoor coil condition and cleaning as needed
  • Changing the indoor air filter (or Electronic Air Cleaner service, if applicable)
  • Inspection of drain line
  • Inspection and clearing of condensate trap
  • Inspecting unit for water leaks
  • Measuring the change in temperature across the indoor coil to test system performance
  • Examining and testing all controls
  • Inspection of outdoor coil condition and cleaning as needed
  • Measuring subcooling at outdoor unit to verify proper refrigerant charge and flow
  • Inspection of back-up/auxiliary heating elements (if part of a heat pump system)
  • Defrost cycle test and verification for proper operation
  • Measurement of compressor current and comparison to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Measurement of outdoor fan current and comparison to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Vacuuming/cleaning AC unit
  • Inspection of drain hoses for kinks, leaks or other issues (where applicable)
  • Replacement of any missing screws or bolts
  • Reconfirmation of proper operation/control from thermostat in all available modes
  • Answering any questions you have
  • Reporting the findings of our service and providing information about any recommendations we have

Because models of AC units vary and often include peripheral components, this list is not necessarily comprehensive: service of your AC system may vary slightly to cover your specific system.

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