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Heat Pump Systems in Bellingham, Ferndale, Lynden, WA and Surrounding Areas

Replacing a heat pump is a difficult process. There are many steps involved, and if any are missed it can wreak havoc on your equipment, and comfort. That is the reason we advise that you only let professionals with the experience, training, and tools handle the task. After all, you don’t want to have to replace your replacement unit, right? Trust Marr’s to get the job done, and exceed your expectations.

  • Efficiency

    • Heat Pump Systems in Bellingham, Ferndale, Lynden, WA pack the ultimate in efficiency by offering both heating and cooling in one package. Forced Air Heat Pumps (such as the one shown above) offer heat up to 2.3 times more efficiently than electric or gas furnaces, and provide the same cooling capacity as a traditional air-conditioner (often at a lower cost).
      For those looking for the utmost in efficiency and comfort year-round we carry heat pumps up to 13 HSPF or 20 SEER. This feat is achieved by using compressed refrigerant, a two-way valve, and some pretty interesting science. For more information on how heat pumps work, click here For those who already know a thing or two about heat pumps and are interested in technical information, see the external links section below.
  • Safety

    • Heat Pump Systems in Bellingham, Ferndale, Lynden, WA are safer than furnaces and other gas or oil heaters because they don’t use combustion to create heat, so there’s no fire involved whatsoever. No combustion also eliminates the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning or dangerous gas leaks.
      To handle the high-pressure refrigerant there are several pressure and temperature check-points inside the heat pump that will shut the unit down if unsafe conditions occur.All Heat Pumps systems sold by Marr’s Heating and Air Conditioning use only environmentally friendly R-410A which DOES NOT pollute the atmosphere.
  • Features

    • The biggest advantage of Heat Pump Systems in Bellingham, Ferndale, Lynden, WA is that they provides BOTH heating and cooling in one unit, at a lower cost than two traditional systems could provide. This means that 365 days a year, your house is exactly the temperature and humidity you want it to be.
      An optional “add-on” that many of our clients choose is an air purifier, which provides whole-house air cleaning, removing bacteria, dust, unpleasant odors and other particles from the air you breathe. For anybody with allergies or asthma problems, an air purifier can turn your home into a sanctuary of fresh, easy-to-breathe air.
  • Cost and Financing

    • Heat Pumps have the lowest operating cost of any equipment in the industry (a position shared with their ductless counterparts). Anybody looking to lower their monthly utility bills without sacrificing on comfort should definitely consider a heat pump. Although the initial equipment is a small investment, the savings vs. other equipment types often pays for itself in only a few years. this is particularly true for homes that don’t have access to Natural Gas and currently rely on a Propane or Electric Furnace for heat: in these cases, the savings can literally be hundreds of dollars a month.
      We offer great financing with approved credit for heat pumps systems to help our clients make the move to higher efficiency and savings. Call today for more details or to get started today.
  • Installation

    • Installation of a forced air heat pump (like the one shown above) involves setting up two coils, an indoor “air handler” and an outdoor fan coil. Refrigeration lines are then run to connect the two coils and filled with environmentally friendly R410A refrigeration. Installing a heat pump can be a big job, and occasionally requires more than a single day to complete. Our two lead installers have been setting up heat pumps and other equipment for more than twenty years each, so they have the experience and expertise needed for even the trickiest jobs.
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