Bids and Estimates

Choosing the right equipment to heat and cool your home isn’t always a simple process,  but don’t worry,  we’ll take care of the math and model numbers.

Ken Marr is the owner of Marr’s Heating and Air Conditioning, the business his parents started in 1965 as a sheet metal fabrication shop.  Ken enjoys meeting with families and  businesses in the area to design solutions custom-fit for their wants and needs.  He personally oversees every new installation, from estimate to final inspection, making sure that everything we do lives up to our 50-year commitment to excellence.

When we provide you with an estimate, we always start by listening to you: what you want out of your new system, features and benefits that are important to you, considerations on your budget and timeline for the project and any concerns you may have or questions about what is possible.  After we understand your individual wants and needs, we evaluate the location from a “whole-building” perspective, considering both fundamental aspects of the space as well as the more subtle factors and details that hurried or less experienced contractors often miss.

Putting these two things together–your ideas and our experienced overview of your home–helps us deliver custom options to make your vision a reality, at a price you can afford and count on.  Our thorough plan for what the job will take in detail before we get started gives you the assurance that you aren’t paying extra to cover uncertainty, and that there won’t be any unpleasant surprises or changes to the price as the work is performed.

Estimates for new equipment or retrofitting/replacement of old equipment are no charge, and we’re happy to give second opinions to anyone unhappy with the service or quote they received from somebody else.  For a complete list of equipment we sell and install, click here.

Call today to set up an estimate.  If you think your situation might be tricky, or if you just want to hear it “straight from the horse’s mouth” make sure you ask to meet with Ken Marr, he’s available most weekdays in the afternoon or morning, depending on your schedule.