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Heat Pump Inspection in Bellingham, Ferndale, Lynden, WA and the Surrounding Areas

One of the most energy efficient heating ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems is a heat pump. It uses a small portion of energy to move air around your home. The best part of all, they do both heating and cooling. But for optimal function, they need regular servicing. That is where we come in. We conduct Heat Pump Inspection in Bellingham, Ferndale, Lynden, WA, and all surrounding areas at affordable rates.

Signs You Need A Heat Pump Inspection in Bellingham, Ferndale, Lynden, WA

Heat Pump Inspection in Bellingham, WA | Heat Pumps in Ferndale, WA - Marr's Heating & ACAfter using your heat pump for some time, its parts wear out, and it starts to malfunction. There are several common and obvious warning signs. The unit might fail to turn on. Most of the time this is a problem with the thermostat. But to be sure, consult a contractor that handles Heat Pump Inspection in Bellingham, Ferndale, Lynden, WA.

Another common warning sign is inadequate heating or cooling. This problem is often caused by dusty filters, damaged valves, leaky duct work, and poor thermostat settings. Also, if the unit is rattling as it runs, it needs inspection.

Heat Pump Maintenance Tips

Inspecting and servicing your heat pump unit is a sure way of increasing its efficiency. At home, there are few things you can do to keep the unit running smoothly.

  • Remove debris and foliage around the outdoor unit
  • Clean the filters regularly, and change them monthly
  • Check the fins regularly and straighten them if they are bent
  • Clean the coils on in the outdoor unit

If any of these tasks are too technical for you, you can always contact our team for assistance. Also, like and regularly check our Facebook page for more maintenance tips.

Heat Pump Inspection Checklist

At Marr’s Heating, we strive for excellence. That is why we have a very comprehensive heat pump inspection checklist. Inspection involves;

  • Inspecting the thermostat, and checking it has the right settings
  • Checking that all electrical components are working
  • Cleaning the drains, filters, and coils
  • Looking for leaking duct work and refrigerant
  • Lubricating motors
  • Checking that there is adequate airflow

In a nutshell, we check every component of the unit, so that when we leave, it is as good as new. To clear any doubts about the quality of our service, check these testimonials from our previous customers.

Heat Pump Inspection Cost

The first thing an inspection team does after it arrives is diagnosed the system to identify problems. This process normally takes an hour or less. You pay an hourly, but affordable, amount for the inspection. The team then recommends solutions. The cost of repairs depends on the time it takes to fix the problems and the resources needed to fix the problems.

Heat Pump Inspection Program

We offer heat pump preventative maintenance programs. You can choose between a bi-annual and annual preventative maintenance routine for your heat pump. The goal of these programs is to improve efficiency and operational safety of the unit. Ultimately, routine inspection forecasts problems thus preventing major damage to your heat pump.

With our teams of certified technicians, your unit is in safe hands. So, why not let us handle your Heat Pump Inspection in Bellingham, Ferndale, Lynden, WA and its surrounding areas. For more information, phone us on 360-734-4455. Alternatively, visit our Contact Us page.